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About Tapasya Fine Arts


Tapasya's spearheading innovative and social division investigates what happens when the inventive practice is applied to business settings, markets, crowds, items, and administrations. Our point is to give the improvements, culture, and assets to empower our students to become particular imaginative industry specialists who will change, and not just join the innovative ventures. 

Our courses offer area confronting and industry-centered innovative instruction that challenges show. Understudies here are given space and encounters to consider how the inventive and social ventures presently work, how they are changing, and what sort of commitment they can make to their turn of events. 

We finish the Tapasya Thinking Making ethos, thus, at every possible opportunity, we structure and arrange learning encounters, for example, inventive rivalries, hacks, and live activities from innovative part firms, to assist you with building up your imaginative thoughts and the fundamental course explicit, reasonable abilities. 

Our educating is conveyed by a rich blend of scholastics, specialists, scholarly professionals, industry-based coaches, and visitor speakers. Over the various courses we mean to give a hypothetically educated, synergistic, and practice significant experience that outfits our alumni with the information, abilities, and mentalities expected to endure and flourish in the imaginative and social businesses.

Our Courses

Learn How to Be a Design Professional Today

BA (Honours)

Affiliated to JNAFAU

BA (Honours)

Affiliated to JNAFAU

Aspire To Create