Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to do to become a fashion designer?

As with the majority of careers, a reasonable amount of post secondary schooling is necessary prior to becoming a fashion designer. The majority of designers attend specialized fashion schools, whereas others find it more advantageous to attend a general college or university. After you have graduated from your school of choice, you should then begin to create and design your own patterns. Once that is completed, begin to network and get your designs into the eyes of the public.

What would be a beneficial career before becoming a fashion designer?

The majority of haute couture fashion designers owned shops or other clothing boutiques prior to becoming high fashion designers. With that being said, owning a shop where you can showcase and sell your own product can be quite advantageous before you become a fashion designer.

Do you need to be able to draw to become a fashion designer?

Unlike becoming an animator, drawing isn’t a necessary skill in terms of being a fashion designer. You won’t have to paint scenery or other works of art, as long as you are able to portray ideas for your articles of clothing you will have the necessary skills. The majority of fashion designers use computer programs to create their designs rather than generic hand drawn designs.

Do I need my own sewing machine?

No. We prefer that the industrial machines in the sewing lab are used for all work.

Do you have hostal facility ?

Yes, we have separate hostel facility for boys and girls

To which University is you college Affiliated to?

JNAFAU Hyderabad

English is not my first language. Can I still join the course?

Yes, You can join the course

Do I have to be good at drawing?

No, not necessarily